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Where to Shop
Agra, the premier city of India, is a highly popular tourist destination of the world. Each year, millions of tourists from different parts of India as well as tourists from far-off foreign countries come to Agra for a vacation. No matter where you go for a vacation, shopping is always one of the favorite activities tourists like to indulge in. Tourists and visitors are always in the look out for where to shop in Agra. Most of the well-known markets of the city are concentrated around the Taj Mahal Complex, Agra.

Agra is one of the premier destinations to shop for collectibles and souvenirs. The famous city of Agra has always been on of the major hubs of wide range of arts and crafts. The markets and shops offer leather goods, tabletops and home decors carved out of marble, items made of stone etc. Agra is famous for the production of exclusive leather goods. Besides, one can find a variety of brassware items and embroidered rugs. Tourist and visitors may like to take home a miniature of the Taj Mahal. The miniature is carved out of marble and is on sale everywhere in Agra. One can also find textile goods and products. There are rose and sandal wood items, precious and semi-precious stones, jewelries, table, ashtrays and variety of other items that can be shopped for. The prices of the craft items and collectibles are quite reasonable and are excellent in quality.

There are markets in Agra that offer various items for sale. Most of the popular markets are concentrated around the Taj Mahal complex, Agra. Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road, Kinari Bazaar are near the Taj Mahal complex, Agra. The Taj Mahal Complex, Agra is also home to the popular Gangotri market. Gangotri is a U.P State Emporium which offers quality hand-crafted products under one roof.

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