taj varanasi ghats

History of Ajanta - Ellora Caves

The Ajanta caves are a series of Buddhist rock-cut cave temples and monasteries, near Ajanta village, north-central Maharashtra state, western India, celebrated for their wall paintings.

The temples are hollowed out of granite cliffs on the inner side of a 70-foot ravine in the Wagurna River valley, 65 miles NE of Aurangabad, at a site of great beauty.

The 29 caves were excavated between the 1st century BC and the 7th century AD and consists of two types - Caityas (sanctuaries) and Viharas (monasteries).

Although the sculpture, particularly the rich ornamentation of the caitya pillars, is noteworthy, it is the fresco-type paintings that are the chief interest of Ajanta. These paintings depict colourful Buddhist legends and divinities with an exuberance and that is unsurpassed in Indian art.

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