Elephant Ride at Amer Fort in Jaipur

elephant ride amer palace jaipur

Amer Fort is located in Amer, around 11 kilometers from Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is the principal tourist attraction in the Jaipur area. The Fort was built by Raja Man Singh in 1592 and is a perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

An Elephant Ride to the top of this fort is one of the most popular activities in Jaipur. This is the chance to ride an elephant up to the Amer Fort like the royalty of Rajasthan once did. These wonderful animals are decorated with traditional painted patterns and effortlessly transport visitors up the steep slope to the fort.

elephant ride in jaipur

About 100 elephants were used to ride to the historic fort in the Amer fort. There is a limit to the total number of journeys each elephant can do in a day and this has been introduced to prevent overworking the elephants, and possible animal cruelty.

elephant ride jaipur rajasthan

The conditions and treatment of the elephants have significantly improved throughout the last few years. Initially, the elephants would work throughout the day and carry four travelers and a Mahout (Driver). Today the elephants are restricted to five trips and carry just 2 travelers. Elephant ride is not allowed downhill.

elephant ride amer fort jaipur

The Amer Fort elephant ride is a fantastic experience, but visitors must arrive early to ensure a ride and expect to suffer from touts and haggling. Therefore, it is suggested to visit the Amer Fort early in the day to ensure a ride and stay away from the queues.

Additional Tips for Elephant Riding

  • Purchase your elephant ride tickets in advance to avoid queues and disappointment.
  • Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain.
  • Carry water and sunscreen, especially during the hot summer months.
  • Be mindful of your belongings and avoid carrying valuables on the elephant ride.


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